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Story of My Life

Hailing from Brazil, Sara is a web developer with substantial positive energy and the most beautiful smile! Sara works with many big names and has finally created a CPSTestify project to help the gaming community.


Story of CPSTestify

Welcome to CPS Testify, CPS Testify is a transparent trainer game and online test platform that emphasizes training, stability, speed, and accessibility. Begin your training in the proper way, and you’ll soon find yourself dominating your gaming circle with improved abilities.

Sara is passionate about developing high-quality free online tools and information. This website’s primary goal is to provide a comprehensive selection of free online games and challenges for amusement and fun. In 2021, cpstestify.com was the first to create this site.

Working Desk

Popular Questions

We currently don’t have an API available, but I’m working on it, and it will be available soon.

You can quickly contact Sara using the Contact us form. I would like to hear from you. Moreover, you can also suggest and report bugs in the tool, which I will fix as soon as possible.

Definitely, Sara is working on different games and tools and will add them ASAP.