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The game Click Speed Test or CPS Test is designed to count the clicking speed of a mouse in various time frames.







Ready to fasten your clicking speed? Then, the CPS test is the best way to improve your clicking speed. In addition, it is considered the most efficient way to relax your mind. Thereby, this website designed this tool-based game that is very reliable for improving your clicking speed, whether using a mouse or mobile phone. In addition, the tool is a click counter that shows your total number of clicks in a limited time frame.

What is the CPS Test?

Primarily, the complete form of CPS is Click Per Second. Mainly, this test is considered a time-pass game that relaxes your mind. However, in this test, you have to get more scores and break the record of others. In short, the right-click CPS test is a competitive game that is fun for people. In addition, the game is just a test of your clicking speed. The more the number of clicks, the better the results are. Thereby, if you want to play the CPS test online, several competitor websites are available. Somehow, this website offers more fun and joy to playing CPS games.

How to play the cps test game?

Simple Steps to follow for CPS Test:

For testing your CPS, you must follow some simple steps that are explained below: 

  • Firstly, click on the “Start” button for starting the game, which is already available on this website. 
  • Secondly, after clicking the button, quickly start clicking the button as fast as you can. In addition, there is a timer that will show you the remaining time left for the game. 
  • Thirdly, when the time expires, all the clicks you made in the limited time will appear on the screen.

Click Speed Test Challenges

Mainly, the number of CPS clicks depends on the given time (in seconds). It means that if you increase your time limit, then surely you will get more scores. However, different time limits are available so that you can test your mouse’s clicking speed according to different frequencies. In this manner, you can choose any time limit. Thereby, the time limits available in the CPS test are:

How to Test your Fast Speed for Scoring more Marks?

It is important to score more marks on the CPS test for breaking previous records, so you must have a great mouse clicking speed. However, this game is mainly the mouse CPS test. Thereby, it would help if you learned proper tricks to get the highest scores. In this manner, you can test the clicking speed of your fingers on your mouse. For this, you must click on the mouse faster and faster without even stopping for 1 second. However, as a beginner, you must test the time limit of 5 – 10 seconds. In addition, other options are also available on this website. Now, it is up to you how fast you can play this testing game.

What is the World Record of CPS Tests in the Average Time Limit?

For scoring more marks, it is important to know the highest marks record in any game. In this manner, you will become more competitive and more passionate about creating a new record. CPS is undoubtedly an exciting game found on this website, like others. So, if you also want to test your CSP, you can test it on this website.  However, some serious gamers increase their clicking speed and compete with others. In this manner, there is a CPS world record that was created in 10 seconds only.

According to the latest research, Mr Dylan Allred from the United States created the world record and shocked the public. Moreover, he clicks his mouse a total of 1,051 times in only a few seconds. However, the time limit for the set was 10 seconds only. On the contrary, the average CSP scores are achieved by NicoPSY2. Here, he created the acreage record of clicking the mouse a total of 754 times in 10 seconds only. Most probably, gamers use the frequency of 10 seconds mostly. In summary, it is not only a game of fun, but people also play this game to relax their minds.

Minecraft CPS

In Minecraft, CPS testing is classified into 4 different mouse-clicking categories. These 4 types are: 

  • Extremely Slow Mouse Clicking (1-3 CPS in one second)
  • Moderately Slow Mouse Clicking (4-7 CPS in one second) 
  • Moderately High Mouse Clicking (8-13 CPS in one second) 
  • Extremely Fast Mouse Clicking (14+ CPS in one second)

Click Test

Chiefly, the click test is considered an essential tool capable of measuring your clicking speed in a given frequency of time. In addition, there is no difference between the click speed test and the click tester. Because both are the same things, both are used to calculate the total number of clicks. In this sense, it is pretty easy to know the exact number of your mouse clicks with this testing game.

Calculation of Clicks per second:

Other websites calculate the exact number of your mouse clicks in many ways. However, this website uses an authentic and appropriate way to check the total number of clicks you have made in a limited time frame. Thereby, we use a proper formula for calculating your clicks.

  • The formula for calculating the total number of clicks: 

CPS = Total number of clicks / total number of seconds

Major types of Clicking Test

If you want to play a click test online, this website offers great and authentic services to you. The clicking test is great fun for people, but there are also other types of mouse clickers. So, these major types of clicking tests with the help of mouse clicks are explained below:

1. Click Counter

Here, it is considered the first and most useful type of clicking test. Mainly, it is a timeless clicking test. It means that no time limit is set in this test, and the total number of clicks results after you stop clicking the mouse. In addition, performing this test can be done easily with a computer mouse, laptop, or mobile phone. Thereby, this clicking test acts as a helper in counting the total number of clicks in just a blink of an eye.

2. Mouse Test

Secondly, in this click mouse test, you can easily justify the total clicks by clicking the right or left button of the mouse. These tests also include clicking on the centre wheel of the mouse and the mouse buttons. In this way, you don’t have to click on just one button for creating a new record. Thereby, every click is counted in this clicking test. Furthermore, this test is beneficial for improving the finger’s ability to click a mouse in a limited time. Besides this, the test also determines the overall performance of your mouse. Thereby, this mouse test will tell you about the performance of your device.

3. Spacebar Test

Here, the third type of click test is the testing of space bar clicking. With this testing type, you can easily determine your space bar by clicking. However, it is similar to other tests, but the only difference is that this click test is done by using a spacebar. Here, the time limit is also set, and you have to make maximum clicks on the space bar in the given limited time.

Click Speed Test

Most probably, people are searching for the best ways to increase the speed of clicking for an online click speed test. For this, our website has researched some of the most appropriate methods for improving your clicking speed. In this manner, these ways are helpful for you to increase your clocking speed, whether you are using a mouse, keyboard, or even a smartphone.

Click Speed Test Score Table

#Clicking Test ScoreResults
10 to 5Snail
26 to 8Turtle
39 to 10Rabbit
410 to onwardCheetah

How to Click Faster?

Here, the best ways to fasten your clicking speed are explained below:

1. Kohi Click Test

According to the latest research, the Kohi click test is considered the oldest and most traditional way to examine your clicking speed in a limited time. Therefore, for the click speed test unblocked, the Kohi click test is authentic as it is a Minecraft server. However, many other online websites are also seen which will examine your clicking speed by Kohi Minecraft speed, but this website will check your kohi click test more appropriately. So, any gamer can increase his clicking speed through Kohi click test in a limited time. Primarily, the only difference between the kohi click test and other tests is the Minecraft server.

2. Jitter Click Test

Most probably, the jitter-clicking test is considered the most complicated and challenging test. However, this clicking test is most effective and improves the clocking speed quickly. In this manner, it is very beneficial in improving the CPS rate. Besides this, this clicking test involves shaking the arm and muscles. Thereby, a person can easily click the mouse as fast as it is possible. While the arms are shaking, a vibration is produced in the hands. Here, this vibration is known as the jitter effect. With jitter clicking, your CPS rate improves a lot and a person can easily make 10-15 clicks in 1 second only.

3. Butterfly Click Test

In this test, you are allowed to use your two fingers instead of one. For this, gamers mostly use their index and middle finger to increase their speed. Mainly, it is considered a faster technique as compared to jitter clicking. Thereby, with a huge practice of butterfly clicking, a person improves his/her clicking speed to a great extent. If a person has learned all the techniques of butterfly clicking, then he can easily create a new record of CPS. However, every professional clicker uses the butterfly-clicking technique. With this technique, anyone can easily click 15-25 times without any disruption.

4. Drag Click Test

First, the drag clicking test is the fastest and latest technique for increasing the clicking speed for CPS. Mainly, this clicking test is the most complicated of all. So, it can easily make you a professional in the CPS game, but learning this technique is not easy for people. With learning this technique, a person can click up to 25 times to 100 times. Mostly, it is considered unbelievable because no one can click 100 times in one second only. In addition, this clicking test involves the movements of fingers from the top to the edge button of the mouse. Thereby, whenever you move your finger, it clicks a mouse every time. Moreover, badlion click test is also the advanced test game of Cpstestify.

5. Regular Clicking

If you are a starter in speed tests, then this way is very beneficial for you. Besides this, regular clicking will enhance your speed by using your mouse daily. Mainly, players who have created world records for clicking speed use this method. With the help of regular clicking, your clicking abilities will improve quickly. In addition, try to use a mouse for regular clicking rather than mobile phones or laptop touchpads. As a result, you will surely be able to produce a CPS score of about 4-7 clicks in one second only. Mainly, this process is mostly used while writing a document or web browsing.

Fastest Clicker in the World

Undoubtedly, it has become a very competitive game because people are keenly interested in it. Thereby, everyone tries to break the previous record and creates a new one. It might be a surprise that Dylan Allred has created the world record and is known as the fastest clicker in the world. On the contrary, the latest research shows that the fastest CPS is 14.1, and the average CPS is considered 6.51 in the world. Mainly, the fastest CPS in the world has an amazing clicking speed and clicks 70 times in one second only. However, if you can easily make 8 – 10 clicks in one second, it means that you have a moderate speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CPS Test?

Here, the CPS test is a free clicking test, which is done in a limited time. Mainly, this test measures your mouse and fingers’ clicking speed.

How to Test CPS?

For testing an authentic and appropriate number of clicks in a limited time, a CPS formula is given below:
CPS = Total number of clicks / total number of seconds
By putting the exact values of total clicks and total seconds in the above formula, you can also calculate your exact clicking speed.

How Fast can you Click?

If you have great speed, then you will be capable of clicking your mouse as fast as 30 clicks in a second. However, extremely fast clickers can make bigger records.

How to Increase Click Speed?

For increasing your click speed, you must follow these techniques:
Regular Clicking.
Jitter Clicking.
Butterfly Clicking.
Drag Clicking. 
Kohi Clicking.

How Fast can you Click a Test?

Primarily, the moderate speed of clicking a test is 8 – 10 times in a second. Thereby, try to beat this speed and improve it as much as you can.

How Fast can you Click the Game?

In the clicking game, there are some points where you have to double-click. As a fast clicker, you can easily click 20-25 times in one second. However, as a slow clicker, you can easily make 4-7 clicks in one second in a game.

How to Make your Mouse Click Faster?

For increasing the mouse click faster, try to change the double-click speed of your PC. In addition, you must also practice all the clicking techniques for better performance.

How many times can you Click your Mouse?

In 1 second, anyone can easily click the mouse 8-10 times. In case you have a slow speed, then you need to improve it for better results.


Concluding here, the main benefit of this CPS test is that it is perfectly capable of increasing your clicking speed. For this, try to follow the techniques that are mentioned above. In addition, this website is made to work as a game. In this manner, you can kill your time with joy and burst your stress.