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The CPSTestify comes up with an amazing drag-click test. Click games are in demand these days. The drag-click test is a unique game that lets you click on the touchpad and create points.







There is a click box that lets the user click on it for 10 seconds. Once the 10 seconds get over, there will be a dialogue box showing the results. The results include the total clicks and scores. Drag clicking is so much fun. Also, the player needs to use a special mouse to play the game.

Drag Click Online Test

One can enjoy and have fun playing the game. Even more, Drag Clicking Test games come under the online spam category games. Also, if one uses an artificial game method, one can immediately get banned from the game.

Drag Click Test

You can surprise your friends with some amazing clicks within a few seconds. Games can also be shared on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. To gain more fan following, one can record a video while drag-clicking and post it on Facebook or Tiktok, so the people get inspired.

Features of Drag Click Test

The drag-click online test ensures users a perfect user experience. Let us discuss some of its incredible features:

1. Cross-Browser Compatible

The game is cross-browser compatible and works wonders on the latest version of google chrome, Safari browsers, and Microsoft Edge. 

2. Responsive Design

The website possesses an actively responsive design making the game effortless to play on both desktop and mobile. Whether you play the game on a mobile phone or a personal computer, you will enjoy it both ways.

3. Easy to Play

It is extremely easy to play and use the drag-click game. All you have to do is click as many times as possible within 10 seconds.

Moreover, all the users strive to click more than their competitors. Everyone wants to rank higher than the other users. Unfortunately, a conventional mouse does not lead to good clicking, so one has to use a special mouse for the purpose.

One can appear in the game by dragging the fingers on the mouse and clicking hundreds of times within a minute. Just do it as fast as you can, keeping in mind that you don’t lift your finger. Lifting your finger may waste a few seconds, which is crucial during the game.

It is not easy to become a clicker champion. One needs to focus on the purpose. Even better, the more you play, the better player you become.

How to Play Drag Click Game?

You must have read the previous headings of this guide. You must be familiar with the game, and at this point, you are aware that you can only play this game with the help of a special mouse and not an ordinary one. Moreover, the specially designed mouse is a bit heavy and has less click delay so that you can register more clicks per minute. So, we surely suggest users play the drag-click test game using a special mouse.

The drag-click test game is entirely different from other online click games. Moreover, in this game, the user needs to register plenty of clicks per 10 seconds. You score higher the more clicks you make. However, you must use the mouse for your finder. Also, before playing the game, keep in mind that a conventional mouse is not sufficient to play such a game as this game requires a special mouse so that clicking becomes even smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drag Clicking, and how to do it?

Drag clicking is a simple game that lets users register hundreds of clicks per minute. Moreover, one can only achieve more scores if one frequently taps on the mouse. Moreover, a particular type of mouse is designed to play the game.

How to enhance Drag Clicking performance?

One can enhance drag-clicking performance by practicing and wrapping tape around the mouse. It is so because the tape reduces the friction between the mouse and the fingers. This helps in producing more and more clicks.


Drag click test is a wonderful game that makes your life easy. The game is tricky, as you need to use a special mouse to appear in the game. One has to drag their fingers across the mouse buttons to gain more clicks.