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Kohi Click Test is famous for its server which is kohi. It is a Minecraft server, which is popular for its hand core factions games.







What is the Kohi Click Test?

Kohi click testing is a method that counts the number of buttons clicked per second. Almost every click test is similar to each other, but a significant difference between all click tests a slight difference is that this test only appears on the Minecraft CPS server. This server is usually known as Kohi, which is popular for games that use hardcore fractions. The latter of Kohi is said to be the spin-off Minecraft PVP whether it’s the offshoot of MineHG. MCPVP was initially developed by “hclewk” but later took over by Brawl Games.

Why is Clicking Speed Important?

The essential thing the gamers are concerned about while playing the game is clicking the mouse, which amplifies their performance. To perform better in Minecraft, players should have better finger movements. Data is collected from different independent forums that if a player clicks about 6-7 times on their mouse during their game is said to be good.

One more piece of data from unknown research shows that while fighting with the Minecraft of PVP combat as a player, make sure to swing your swords about ten times in a second. This means you have translated 10 clicks per second. Always remember the faster you click; you will get more chances to kill your enemy. Some say that clicking doesn’t matter, but at the same time, the right manner of clicking can help you win easily.

How to Test your Clicks Per Second in Kohi?

There are different gamers globally who do Kohi CPS tests to know about their gaming ability, but yes, this speed-clicking test itself is a game for some players. This may sound atypical, but people indeed do a competition in which they win or lose according to the clicks they do in a given time.

Players do a clicking test in which they do several clicks in a given time; their score is calculated according to the clicks per second CPS. This CPS is the number of clicks per given time is about five seconds; the higher the CPS, the better the score.

kohi click test

Steps to test your clicking speed per 5 seconds:

  1. You will get a click here button on the grey box and click on it to start the game.
  2. Your game starts with the single click you do on the grey box and after that, keep clicking on the grey box.
  3. You will get the time displayed on your screen to know how long you have to click.
  4. You will get your final score when you reach your timer limit.

Different types of Minecraft CPS Methods

From the start, gamers improve their Minecraft gaming skills by using the Kohi click test, but as time passed now, the clicking speed test is transformed into a competitive game by itself. There are different methods to click on your mouse to score better in CPS. It may sound a bit unusual, but this game is the best past-time competitive game. The most used clicking methods are given below:

1. Butterfly Clicking

The most controversial but recent method of CPS is butterfly clicking. In this technique, the player rapidly does finger spasms by using two fingers and striking the mouse continuously to get more scores in 5 seconds.

However, in this method, you will not use both of your fingers simultaneously; while you lift the first finger, the second one will hit clicks on the mouse multiple times, and so on. This Kohi click test technique is relatively more common and popular as you can make a higher score by using multiple fingers. Moreover, while using two fingers, you will get greater control over your mouse and clicking.

During butterfly, the clicking player can do 20-25 clicks in 5 seconds which is high compared to regular clicking. As everything has a little drawback, the pitfall of butterfly clicking is that, including Minecraft, most other servers also have banned the practice. But as I told you before, now people use butterfly clicking as a game, not only as a test.

2. Drag Clicking

If you search for a very convenient way of clicking where you can do hundreds of registered clicks on the mouse in a fixed time, then drag clicking is just perfect for you. For Minecraft PVP combats, you can’t do a drag-clicking test. There is a special sticky finger mouse in this method in which the only thing you will do to score is dragged it down, and hundreds of clicks will be registered. This method is perfect for those who want to get high scores on the Kohi click test. By using this drag click, method players can make Kohi click the test world record very easily.

3. Jitter Clicking

This technique takes a lot of time to get perfect, as, in this method, players strain their hands or arm to do speed-click tests. You will need a lot of practice to become perfect at this method. The experts always recommend starting a jetting click test with small and short bursts and then slowly switching your stamina to score high.

At the start, you will feel hard to aim and click at the same time, but slowly you will start to get control, shake and score better. Once you master this technique, not even your hands will look moving.

4. Regular Clicking

According to the name, this type of clicking involves a conventional way to click on the mouse. This type of Kohi click test is done, so we regularly follow up when you access your computer. The technique is perfect for those who didn’t want to compete but played the game in the past.

By this method, players can do an average of 4-6 clicks per second. But by playing it regularly, you can increase your Minecraft CPS to 8 CPS. The only drawback of using this method is you can’t score higher than 8 CPS. It is better to switch to another clicking method if you want to score high CPS. Moreover, badlion click test is also one of the advanced clicking tests to enhance clicking speed.

What Medical Problems will you Face due to Clicking?

The simplest and easiest method of clicking the regular clicking does not have any physical risk. Still, yes, the two jitter and butterfly-clicking methods can lead to severe medical conditions if you use them for an extended period. Arthritis is commonly found in players who are jitter-clicking regularly for too long.

Normally there isn’t any medical problem if you do any click speed test Minecraft several times a day; the problem is found only in those who do Minecraft clicking too much. While using this technique, people face carpal tuning; it is a condition in which your wrist gets worn out when you do jitter-clicking due to the vibrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPS in Minecraft?

The CPS is an abbreviation that stands for clicks per second. In Minecraft, CPS is a test used to check how many times a player can click per second. Typically, 1.7 and 1.8 are said to be the PVP skill that determines how fast you can click on your mouse. During this procedure, the CPs counter Minecraft is used to get a fixed score.


A procedure that you use to count the clicks you do in a single second is called the Kohi click test. Kohi is a server in which you will get 4 types of different methods to test your speed. Due to these speed tests, there isn’t any such medical problem, but yes, arthritis and carpal tuning. These problems are common in those using different clicking methods for too long or doing it several times daily.