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Spacebar Counter helps you to calculate the number of clicks by pressing the spacebar counter in a given time frame. So, if you want to know how fast can you click the spacebar?



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Most of the students and working officers probably use a keyboard for a total of 4-6 hours per day. Mainly, we use a keyboard for performing computing or writing tasks. However, the new generation van even uses a keyboard for more than 6 easily in a day. Apart from computing work, people also use keyboards for gaming. On the cpstestify, many keyboards are manufactured only for gaming. In this manner, every click of such keyboards works quickly. Well, the spacebar counter is also a tool that works very well in improving your clicking speed. Thereby, you can get this tool on Cpstestify.

What is a Spacebar Counter?

Well, the spacebar counter is a tool that works for calculating the total number of clicks. Here, on Cpstestify, you will find a spacebar button. If you’d like to know how fast you can click, then click in the given frame. For the sake of unbeatable speed, we recommend you try our spacebar speed test before you practice on the counter.

If you wonder how many clicks you can make in a given time, you are at the exact place. Here, the spacebar counter is a free spacebar clicker. If your finger gets tired during the clicking process, you can use another finger for continuous clicking. Mainly this is the most interesting thing about this tool. In this manner, you can easily press the spacebar with a different finger. In addition, all your clicks are counted there.

Features of Spacebar Counter

As we know, every tool is designed with some amazing features. Similarly, this counter also has several fantastic features. In addition, these features help you to understand the working of this tool more clearly. So, give sight to these amazing features and start playing the spacebar counter game.

1. Offers Multiple Time Variations

First of all, this tool is designed with different time variations. It means that you can set the time of the game by clicking. So, choose and set the time limit for your spacebar challenge and start playing the game. On the contrary, you can set the time either for 1 minute or 10 seconds. In this manner, you have to press the keyboard as many times as possible in the selected timeframe. Towards the end of the time, an indication of how many clicks there were will appear.

2. User Friendly

The tool does not require additional instructions for use. Moreover, the whole process of the game is pretty simple. As a result, you can play without encountering any difficulty using this tool. In addition, you can use this tool for relaxing your mind, as it is a great way of entertainment.

3. Score Card

Thirdly, as the spacebar counter timer stops, you can see the scoreboard abound the spacebar button. Here, the total number of clicks you have made in a limited time will display on the scorecard. In addition, the scorecard of the game is live and shows your results quickly.

4. Overall Performance

Primarily, every game has something unique that urges the user to play it. Similarly, the most interesting feature of this game is that it is entirely free from hanging. In this manner, you can enjoy your spacebar counter game without any fear of lag. Here, these features engage the performance of the test and allow you to play the game continuously. In this way, we are offering you a lag-free game 24/7.

5. No Additional Requirements

Mainly, many fake websites ask you for additional information. After that, they use your data in negative ways. On the contrary, this website doesn’t ask you to add any extra information. In addition, you don’t need to log in to any account to get access to the game. Moreover, we didn’t ask you to make a payment to enjoy the games. In this sense, the game is free and safe. Besides this, the spacebar clicker counter is also a time-saving game.

6. Play on a Mobile

Wow! Now you play this game on your mobile phone. Mainly, we allow you to play the game either on your PC or on your smartphone. For these reasons, the game is compatible with mobile devices. In this manner, you can get a chance to play the spacebar counter mobile game on our website. However, the version of the game remains the same on your PC and smartphone.

How to use the Spacebar Counter?

how to use the spacebar counter
  1. First of all, visit and start playing the game. 
  2. Before you start clicking on the spacebar button, you must know the exact location of the spacebar and the scorecard. 
  3. Thirdly, you must choose a specific period. 
  4. When you click for the first time, the game will start.
  5. Then, you must keep clicking the spacebar counter button, and your clicks keep on adding. 
  6. After the time runs out, the scorecard will show your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Click the Spacebar Faster?

By pressing the spacebar halfway with one finger and tapping with the other, you can easily tap the spacebar faster.

How High Does the Spacebar Counter go?

Well, the space bar counter world’s record is 58 times in 5 seconds only. In addition, it is considered the highest score on the spacebar counter.

Is there any alternative key for the Spacebar?

Yes, you can add a spacebar by clicking the Right Ctrl Key.

What is the maximum number of times you can hit the Spacebar?

Mainly it all depends on the selected time and your speed. If you have a good clicking speed, you can easily hit the spacebar 70-80 times in 20 seconds.


Mainly, a spacebar counter with a timer is an exciting tool that helps you to increase your clicking speed. In addition, this tool is a real opportunity to test your speed within a limited time. For improving your results, you need to set a time limit and a target. After that, start pressing, and when the time runs out, results will show on the scorecard. On the contrary, it doesn’t matter whether you play this game for fun or for practice; this tool is always a source of entertainment.